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L'Academie du Champagne

Known in Great Britain as the Champagne Academy, developed by the Champagne Shippers' Association. L'Academie du Champagne was established in 1956 to recognise the UK and Ireland as key markets and to foster the appreciation of Grande Marques Champagnes through the education of younger members of the wine trades of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Now comprising sixteen leading Grande Marques Houses, this is a unique gathering of producers (the Houses) from a wine-producing region co-operating in a manner that puts Grande Marque Champagnes and the region first foremost before the interests of individual Houses. Primarily through the Champagne Academy course held once a year for selected invited members of the wine trade. 

In addition to this, they support the Champagne Academy who holds educational tastings and events throughout the UK and Ireland.

Each house in rotation provides a President for a one year term during which their prime responsibility is the organisation of the Academy Course. Directly preceding and following the year as President, they also provide a Vice-President to assist the incoming and outgoing Presidents in their duties. 

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